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Who Can Apply for and Own a Patent?

The inventor of the patent’s claims can apply for a patent and can optionally assign rights to a business entity. Patents can also be licensed exclusively or non-exclusively to a party in exchange for compensation. Clear identification of the invention’s true inventors is required. If the patent’s inventor is not correctly identified this error can result in the invalidity of a patent issued. A patent may be applied and filed with a sworn declaration identifying the true, actual inventors. However, if the patent claims are amended, the inventorship may also be amended so the patent is granted and identifies the true inventor(s).

What Can Be Patented?

The United States Patent & Trademark Office will confer a patent if the invention described in a patent application claims is novel, and non-obvious and described in a patent application in such a way to permit one to be able make and use the invention. A patent is a bargain will the government to teach the public about a new invention and in exchange for that knowledge, the U.S. Government will give the applicant a limited monopoly to make, use or sell the invention free from competition. Upon the patent term expiration the invention will be dedicated to the public as described in article.

What Cannot Be Patented?

There are several classes of ideas, which are not patentable. For example, music, mathematical formulas and abstract ideas are not patentable. Software can be patented. Literary works, songs, dramas, movie scripts, and artistic works are not patentable, but can be protected under the copyright laws of the United States. Names, logos, slogans and other things which designate the source of the commercial item can be eligible to be registered for trademark protection. Protection for new business methods has been severely restricted in the United States.

How Long Does Patent Protection Last?

Patents are subject to term adjustments, which can change the patent term. Generally, speaking utility patents are granted and last for a term that includes twenty years from the date of filing date, subject to the payment of maintenance fees. If maintenance fees are not paid, the patent will simply expire for failure to pay maintenance fees. Design patents last 14 years from the date the patent is granted. For more information you can refer to

Four Great Reasons for Rehab

Deciding whether or not to go to drug rehab is oftentimes a difficult decision for substance abusers to make. Part of them wants to go, but part of them also wants to stay active in their addictions. And then there are some of them who never want to go; however, going to drug rehab treatment can be one of the most important choices a substance abuser ever chooses to make. Let’s take a closer look at five great reasons for you to take part in these programs.

1. Improve Your Health

The longer you do drugs, the worse your health will get. In fact, much of the damage caused by drugs may be irreversible; however, the sooner you enter into treatment, the more likely you will be to cease the actions that are causing the damage. You need to take part in drug rehab programs as soon as possible so that the healing process of your body can take place.

2. Mending the Family

Chances are, your family has been damaged, possibly even destroyed, due to your substance abuse issues. The good news is, drug rehab programs can play a vital role in the mending of your family. Not only will you benefit from your treatment services, but your family can take part in family therapy sessions, helping your family to be healed to the fullest extent possible. From your mother and father to your children, healing your family should be one of your top priorities during your recovery.

3. Improve Your Emotions and Mental State

For you to stop using drugs, you will need to improve your mental state as well as deal with a large number of emotions. Drug rehab programs can help with these goals. From group therapy sessions to customized treatment services, the programs can address your individual needs, helping you to attain and maintain sobriety. No matter the way your life may have fallen apart through the time period that you have abused drugs, drug rehab can help you put your life back together.

4. Start Your Career

Whether you already have an established career or not, chances are, your career path has suffered from your substance abuse issues. Drug rehab Los Angeles programs can help you get your life back on track, which will help with you getting your career back on track. If you have yet to start down a career path, a professional vocational counselor can speak with you during your rehab programs to help you decide on the occupation that you would like to pursue.

Confidentiality Agreements

In the last decade, patents have gotten a lot of attention. We think of them as denoting products that are “high tech.” We think of a lone inventor toiling away at a workbench, trying in Herculean fashion to solve some intractable problem. Lately, we’ve been taught to think of tech titan versus tech titan, battling for millions of dollars. Yet we do not often take the time to think about what a patent actually is, and what it is not.

Patents are awarded for specific embodiments of an idea, not for a general idea. That is why it is usually necessary that an inventor have a prototype before beginning the patent process. When you begin speaking to people about your invention, you must make sure that anyone you speak to will sign a confidentiality agreement and make sure that you maintain the rights to your invention, by having anyone that you hire to help you, such as the patenting agency like InventHelp, sign the Work For Hire agreement.

If you disclose your invention to others without having a Confidentiality Agreement signed, you may begin the ticking of a one-year grace period within which you must file for a patent. Also, you may affect your rights to apply for patent protection in foreign countries if you disclose your idea before filing for patent protection.

Under US patent law, patents must be filed in the name of the actual inventor. If you hire someone to assist you with the development of your product, they may invent improvements that would require them to be named in your patent application. A Work For Hire Agreement ensures that you maintain all of the rights to the patent.

InventHelp agency is all you need to get started on the road to profiting from your ideas.

The Driving Forces of the World Economy

One of the defining driving forces of the world economy today is a fundamentally new ratio of factors of effective economic development due to the rapid growth of the role of intellectual property!

Doing your own business (business) in a modern way involves the multivariate use of intellectual property (OIP). As the owner of the rights to the IPO, you have the opportunity to protect yourself, your business from counterfeiting (falsification) of your products, piracy (copying of copyright objects), receive additional income from the transfer of rights to use to others, carrying out financial (tax) planning, thereby obtaining competitive advantages. There are patenting agencies, such as InventHelp, that could provide professional assistance in the process. You can learn more about InventHelp from Invent Help reviews.

To do this, you need to take care of the protection of your IPO rights in advance through timely patenting and, if necessary, the development and creation of the necessary intellectual property objects.

Registration of intellectual property objects – trademarks, brand names, inventions, utility models, industrial designs, computer programs and databases – is the basis for the formation of a civilized intellectual property market in US.

The main goal of the patenting agency, like Invent Help, is to provide practical assistance to a national author, manufacturer – to all those who plan to actively use their intellectual potential.

Dog Names And Dog Breeds – Make The Right Choice!

The process of choosing a dog name is no less important as choosing a dog breed. There are a great variety of dog breeds as well as dog names. While choosing a dog breed you should decide whether you want a dog for companionship (family pet) or exclusively fog security, for exhibitions and performances or for a special occupational area, for example, sport or hunting.

The process of choosing a dog name needs the same careful consideration. There are a great number of different dog names like Japanese dog names with meanings. Most of those Japanese names are simpler and short so it’s easier for you to call your dog whenever and wherever you want.

When looking for Japanese dog names with meanings, you can search on the websites which provide huge option of dog’s names completely from A to Z alphabets.

In case you choose descriptive dog name category, it means that you want your dog’s name to reflect your dog’s breed. Before you choose a name, you should not only look closely at your pet and study its character and behavior but also take into account its breed and inborn distinctive features of your dog’s breed.

While thinking about a name for your dog, do take into account that there are big dog names and small dog names. If you are going to choose a name for your pet of the lists of baby dog names, popular dog names or cool dog names or even create one original and unique dog name, than you should remember that it’s necessary to consider your dog’s origin and the origin of its future name as well.

Let’s take such a popular breed as Golden Retriever and define which dog names fit this breed. Speaking about distinctive features of this particular dog breed it’s necessary to point out the main breed attributes which should be certainly taken into account during the process of choosing one name of a great number of dog names. These attributes are color (golden or dark blond), loyalty (they are very loyal friends and make good seeing-eye dogs), intelligence, easiness in training.

Moreover Golden Retriever is a perfect sporting dog which likes to spending time outdoors very much. So in this case we need one of dog names which will reflect these nice breed features. Here are some of such names: Herbie (the love dog), Vegas (this boy dog likes to have a good time together with his friends), Amity (means friendly relations), Stella and so on.

Take pleasure in choosing a name for your dog!

How to Choose Hamster Name

Choosing hamster names can be a challenging task. First of all, you want your hamster to have a name that is meaningful. A name that says some about his or her personality as well as one that has connections to something in the world or something that you might value or think is funny.

One of the most common hamster names is Houdini. You can only speculate as to whether that means most hamsters are escape artists or not.

Music lovers name hamsters after their favorite composers, such as Mozart, Beethoven, Bach or Chopin.

Hamster names for artists include Monet, Picasso, Rembrandt, and Van Gogh. The number one philosopher, when it comes to hamster names, is Plato.

While some hamster parents opt for these artsy-type names, others favor names of entertainers and movie/TV stars. For instance, Demi, Delta, Dixie, and Dolly are all frequent choices. Those coming to mind first include Demi Moore, Delta Burke, Dixie Carter and Dolly Parton.

On the other hand, Delta could also be the name of an airline and Dixie could mean the hamster’s owner was fascinated by the Civil War. Elvis is a popular name for just about any pet. You can try out Leonardo, Petula ot Fabian as well.

TV characters are another choice for hamster names. The most popular is probably Fonzie, made famous by the long-running “Happy Days” show. You could also call your hamster Gilligan, Hunter, Mcgyver, Maude, Mindy, Roxanne, or if you are a big Star Trek fan, Mr. Spock.

Don’t forget about cartoons either. Various cartoon characters are great choices for hamster names. Popular ones are Elmo, Sweetpea, Winnie, Woodstock, Yogi Bear and Pooh.

Does your hamster remind you of your favorite food? Food names work for many hamsters, whether or not they look like the food in question. Some good food hamster names are Peanut or Peanut Butter, Bacon, Potato, Butter, Milk, Caramel…

With hamster names, you can’t go wrong with ones that are descriptive of the hamster, such as Tiny, Brownie, Perky, Racer, Rambo, or Furball.

When you get a pet hamster, one of the steps to do is looking for good hamster names for your new pet. The name you give to your hamster is going to stay with him for the rest of his life.

So it’s very important you choose a good name that matches him/her. One of the easiest and most helpful ways people use to find great name ideas, is looking at top popular hamster names.

Whether you are looking for a cute name, or something that sounds unique and stands out from the rest, you are guaranteed to find many great hamster names ideas in the list of popular names.

Drug Addiction and Detox

Drug addiction is not something that anyone assumes will happen to them, but it is more common than most of us would like to think. The faces of drug addicts are often familiar faces – the woman in the mall, the man in the office, anyone you see shopping in the grocery store or picking up their kids from school, the rich and famous, not just the dirty and disheveled person standing on the street corner. Drug addiction knows no boundaries. It can happen to anyone – you, a family member, a friend, a neighbor or co-worker.

Detox Center

This is why education about drugs and addiction is so important – to help prevent the damage that drug addiction can do to a life and a body and find ways to undo the damage that may have already been done.

It’s not easy to acknowledge an addiction to drugs. Many times intervention is needed before the addict can see the damage they are causing themselves as well as the way they are hurting other people in their lives who love and care about them. It is also true that many of the people who are overwhelmed by their addiction to drugs, usually hate the drug more than they love it, but the physical need for the drug drives them to use it even if they don’t want to anymore.

Detox is a Better Choice

Although the decision to go thru detox is a hard choice, it is a better choice than continuing to live a life addicted to drugs. There are a lot of Connecticut detox centers to choose from. Drug addiction causes people to suffer both physically and socially. Physically, it can damage the kidney, liver, and heart. It can also cause weight loss or gain, unhealthy skin and hair, and dental problems. Socially, addicts often become isolated from family and friends who wouldn’t approve of their drug use. Some resort to stealing to pay for their addiction, sometimes even from family and friends. Many times they are not able to keep a job because their addiction has taken control of their lives and they have become too unreliable for most employers.

Drug addiction has an all around negative effect on the addict’s life, which makes detoxification the better choice every time. Detox is not an easy choice, but the efforts are always worth it, even if it takes many times to succeed. Every moment that an addict spends on detox and treatment is a step towards a better life.

Detox is the First Step to Recovery

Detox, short for detoxification, is considered the first step in the treatment for drug addiction. Most people who stop taking their drug of choice will experience withdrawal on some level. Their body has become dependent on the drug and craves more when it is not in their system anymore. Detoxification, abstaining from the drug until the body is cleansed from all traces of it, is necessary if recovery is to begin. As long as the drugs are in the body, the behavior and mindset of the person is clouded by the drugs and they are not able to accept the education and treatment necessary to start the recovery process.

Using drugs is often how addicts cope with life and pain, they have never been taught other ways of dealing with life’s difficulties. While detox is only the first step to recovery, it is an important and difficult first step. Once the body is detoxed, then the recovering addict is better able to learn new ways of handling life in more positive and productive ways.

So You Invented Something?

It is truly exciting when you come up with an invention idea. Don’t go crazy telling the whole world about it though. Write down everything. Take your time. Do some research. It is possible that somebody out there already did what you are doing. It is possible that someone else beat you to it!

Many people don’t understand the whole invention process. One is thinking about the money one can make because of an invention they came up with. It’s great that you are inspired. But don’t go crazy, you have to take it one step at a time. Consult with professionals, like Invent Help agency.

I highly recommend you read books about invention. Get expert advice from these authors. They have been where you are and know firsthand the do’s and don’t of the business.

I met a man once that spent years on a toy invention. He spent approximately $15,000 on his prototype and became so discouraged with the whole process, including a terrible divorce. Well, he ended up throwing his “invention” in the garbage can and never pursued it again. So go slow. But don’t waste time. Someone might just “invent” something very similar to what you came up with.

Allow me to mention another thing. Let’s say you are totally sure no one else has invented what you came up with. Beautiful! Now what are you going to do?

Well, one of the first things I always recommend is: Do NOT run to an invention helper type of business! There is NO guarantee that they will help you market your product or idea and place it out there. Once you pay these people (which by the way could be over $15,000 in one sitting), you won’t get your money back if they don’t find a company, buyer, etc, that will want your invention idea thingy.

If you are business savvy, you might just want to market your invention idea yourself. So if you have business skills this is a great time to put them to use. Many inventors have done just that and have done well financially with their inventions. It is a lot of work. It is not easy. It is not cheap.

I’m not trying to bust your bubble. I’m just letting you know beforehand. You need to stay organized in the process. Make sure you write down everything. Keep record of all your contacts. Whenever you get discouraged just take a breather, relax and continue the process. There are patenting agencies, such as InventHelp, that could help you in the process.

I don’t know how much I should emphasize that you should read, read, read as much material as you can on the invention process and steps to take. There is so much information on the internet about this topic now. But, again, be careful. I wish you the best in your invention process.


How to make money with an invention? That’s what many people think when they have a great idea. Well, to make a profit with some type of invention, there is a bureaucratic process to be followed, the patent registration, which guarantees the exclusivity of the creation so that it can be commercialized.

However, not everyone knows this. Believe it or not, but great idealists of things that everyone knows, they didn’t follow this bureaucratic part and ended up not gaining anything with their inventions.

We list some of them, see:

Harvey Ross Ball – created the Smiley Face in the United States in 1963. Internationally known, the Smiley Face is an emoticon that features a smiling yellow face, created for a company’s internal campaign. Between 1963 and 1971, around 50 million smiley faces were sent to the most diverse corners of the planet. The emoticon took about 10 minutes to create and earned just $45 for Ball, who could have made a lot more money if he had registered this icon as his own creation.

Alexey Pajitnov – Less than a month was the time it took Alexey Pajitnov to develop, in 1984, one of the most famous games of recent times, Tetris. Employed at the Russian Academy of Science during the Cold War, Pajitnov was responsible for research development in the field of artificial intelligence, which allowed him to create puzzles and games at work. Pajitnov made a deal with his superiors: they helped the scientist to publish the game and the money went to the company. After 20 years he got the right to the game, which already had 70 million copies and several million dollars after creation.

Daisuke Inoue – In the 70s, in Japan, the band in which Daisuke Inoue played allowed other people to take the microphone and sing in performances in bars around the city. All to relieve some stress after a day at work. One day, the group members were unable to attend a concert, so Inoue had the idea of ​​taking pre-recorded songs and playing them for people to follow. Karaoke came up.

However, the success of the idea was so great that Inoue and his band forgot to patent the genius invention. Large companies then began to manufacture karaoke machines and sell them to bars and entertainment establishments. As he had not registered his invention before, Inoue cannot claim copyright.

Douglas Carl Engelbart – In the 60s in the United States, Engelbart always worked with the interaction between man and computer, developing interfaces and devices that facilitate the use of machines. Carl and his co-worker Bill English created the mouse, one of the most widely used peripherals in computers today. Engelbart never received any royalties for the invention of the mouse, as his patent application for the invention expired before the peripheral began to be used in personal computers.

US Government – Created for military use, the GPS (Global Positioning System) was only released for civilian use in 1995. Since then, the number of applications and devices that make use of GPS has grown exponentially, as it is not necessary to pay anything to use the signal transmitted by satellites.

Even knowing who originated the project, the GPS system does not have any registered patent. In this way, the government does not collect anything from the release of the signal to civilians.

These examples make the importance of patent registration increasingly clear. Just having a revolutionary idea or inventing something that will be useful to many people is not enough. It is extremely important that the registration takes place so that, possibly, you will profit from it and obtain exclusivity for your invention.

Termite inspection for homeowners

Your home is your biggest investment and one you want to be sure to protect. Termites, for as tiny as they are, put a colony of them together and they can cause devastating damage. When buying a home in Sunshine Coast, it is always wise to hire a termite inspector and have an evaluation performed. If there is termite damage, it might be the the deciding factor to buy or not to buy the home or to negotiate a price adjustment.

If a home is found to have termites, the seller may offer to bring in a termite specialist to rid the home of termites, but that is only part of the problem. There is the structural damage to consider, as well. Once the termite inspection is performed and the critters are sent packing, the next step is to have an evaluation performed to determine the level of damage to the home. It might only be minimal damage, but the damage might be costly to repair.

A good first question for someone selling a house is about termites and if they have a documented history of termite inspections and a history of termite control if termites were found. Even if they have the necessary documentation, it is appropriate to have a termite inspection performed, at your own expense. That way you can hire the Termite Inspection Sunshine Coast company you want.

Some termite inspectors are licensed building inspectors and can inspect for termites and evaluate damage. Some termite inspectors are licensed to only inspect for termites. When inspecting for structural damage if termite activity is found, it is necessary to be able to inspect under the floors and inside of walls. This might mean moving appliances, furniture and carpeting to get to the interior of the structure. The building inspectors will need access to the basement, crawl space and attic, if there is one.

The building inspectors will have the right tools to do the job without further damage to the structure. The building inspectors will evaluate the damage and assign a cost to the damage. To repair the damage will require hiring a contractor. There are contractors that specialize in repairing termite damage. To retain the integrity of the structure it is essential to have the job done right.