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How to Choose Hamster Name

Choosing hamster names can be a challenging task. First of all, you want your hamster to have a name that is meaningful. A name that says some about his or her personality as well as one that has connections to something in the world or something that you might value or think is funny.

One of the most common hamster names is Houdini. You can only speculate as to whether that means most hamsters are escape artists or not.

Music lovers name hamsters after their favorite composers, such as Mozart, Beethoven, Bach or Chopin.

Hamster names for artists include Monet, Picasso, Rembrandt, and Van Gogh. The number one philosopher, when it comes to hamster names, is Plato.

While some hamster parents opt for these artsy-type names, others favor names of entertainers and movie/TV stars. For instance, Demi, Delta, Dixie, and Dolly are all frequent choices. Those coming to mind first include Demi Moore, Delta Burke, Dixie Carter and Dolly Parton.

On the other hand, Delta could also be the name of an airline and Dixie could mean the hamster’s owner was fascinated by the Civil War. Elvis is a popular name for just about any pet. You can try out Leonardo, Petula ot Fabian as well.

TV characters are another choice for hamster names. The most popular is probably Fonzie, made famous by the long-running “Happy Days” show. You could also call your hamster Gilligan, Hunter, Mcgyver, Maude, Mindy, Roxanne, or if you are a big Star Trek fan, Mr. Spock.

Don’t forget about cartoons either. Various cartoon characters are great choices for hamster names. Popular ones are Elmo, Sweetpea, Winnie, Woodstock, Yogi Bear and Pooh.

Does your hamster remind you of your favorite food? Food names work for many hamsters, whether or not they look like the food in question. Some good food hamster names are Peanut or Peanut Butter, Bacon, Potato, Butter, Milk, Caramel…

With hamster names, you can’t go wrong with ones that are descriptive of the hamster, such as Tiny, Brownie, Perky, Racer, Rambo, or Furball.

When you get a pet hamster, one of the steps to do is looking for good hamster names for your new pet. The name you give to your hamster is going to stay with him for the rest of his life.

So it’s very important you choose a good name that matches him/her. One of the easiest and most helpful ways people use to find great name ideas, is looking at top popular hamster names.

Whether you are looking for a cute name, or something that sounds unique and stands out from the rest, you are guaranteed to find many great hamster names ideas in the list of popular names.

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