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Metal Welding and Welding Sculptures

Welding allows you to manipulate metal into any design you have in mind. Welding techniques, including digital cutting can be used to cut and join metal art decorations and sculptures. Some artists prefer to be more abstract with their designs, while others stay on a pretty standard line. Often scrap metals and parts are used.

More often you are seeing these large metal welding structures in parks or on the sides of city roads as decoration. Many towns and cities, such as Perth, are using them to make their location seem more appealing to the current and potential residents.

Sheet metal welding in Perth, WA, to make art projects is also becoming much more popular. In fact, more art galleries and museums now are showing sheet metal and other metal sculptures as an art form.

Numerous types of welding are used for these projects including gas, rose bud and injector type torches, arc welders, MIG and TIG welders, and soldering and brazing torches.

Some of this art form is derived from the cast iron art work seen on many farms depicting some type of farm animal. These sculptures have been seen for years. Cast iron is a bit more difficult to work with for welding so other metals and sheet metals have become an obvious alternative.

Making beautiful sculptures from metal welding may take practice, but the payoff could be a beautiful one-of-a-kind design that could even be worth money.

By using your imagination, your welder and your artistic talent you can create fantastic works of metal art.

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